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View base standards, change requests (CR) and message specifications

With MyStandards Lite, you can easily browse definitions of MT and ISO 20022 messages by category or business area, and view detailed descriptions of the message content. 

You can view all changes between current and upcoming standards releases per message type, and even review change requests applied to the specific message definition. 

The portal also allows you to consult public message specifications issued by organisations to facilitate market practice and standards adoption (e.g. HVPS+, SMPG, etc.), as well as message specifications published by banks and market infrastructures (e.g. CBPR+, T2, TCH, MAS, etc.).

Compare base standards and message specifications

MyStandards Lite simplifies the analysis and implementation of the annual standards release. The portal compares different versions of base standards (MT and ISO 20022) and highlights changes, including their business reasoning, making it easy to consult relevant change requests and understand the impact on your business area. 

You can also instantly compare shared message specifications of the same or different organisations (e.g., CBPR+ vs. T2 vs. HVPS+) and clearly understand the commonalities and differences. 

The full findings of your comparison can be exported in an XLS spreadsheet, ready to be shared within your institution for further analysis and implementation.

Download documentation

Download PDF versions and XLS spreadsheets of the base standards (MT and ISO 20022) and message specifications for offline consultations, allowing interested parties to familiarise themselves with the details of the specifications and better prepare for the implementation phase. 

Machine-readable XML schemas are also readily available to download, allowing you to further drive efficiency gains in implementing the changes in your back-office systems.

Test against base standards and message specifications

Make sure your systems are fully compliant by testing your sample messages against base standards (all MT and ISO 20022 messages) and the upcoming standards release, as well as message specifications as shared by the owning financial institution (e.g., T2, Payments Canada).

The portal identifies any errors in detail and allows re-testing and validation. Upon validation, you can download your message for further testing or adaptation in your own environment. The tool also provides an overview and history of all tests performed and completed.

Which version of MyStandards is right for me?

See how MyStandards Lite stacks up against MyStandards Premium and Premium+ to determine if it’s the best option for your requirements.


MyStandards Lite - Reduce cost and time

Reduce cost and time

Avoid wading through large amounts of paper-based documentation. Our easy-to-use portal has all the information you need saved in one place. The portal also allows you to compare standards and message specifications in a clear and efficient manner, helping you keep your systems up-to-date with ease, so you can do business with your counterparties in a timely manner.

Minimise risk

MyStandards Lite is hosted on a secure 24/7 website that allows you to test your own sample messages and ensure compliance at your own pace, and on time for the next Standards MT Release or ISO 20022 migration. This intuitive tool supports your implementation team to manage systems and back-office upgrades, and drives information dissemination across your organisation through clear and structured documentation.

The platform also makes you aware of all changes, and highlights what’s relevant to you by showing which business areas and messages are impacted, allowing you to take immediate corrective action.

MyStandards Lite - Minimise risk
MyStandards - Optimise user experience

Optimise user experience

My Standards Lite offers a centralised, easy-to-navigate platform for Standards Release changes and ISO 20022 message specifications. Enjoy a fast, effective and easy overview of the differences between various market initiatives (CBPR+ vs. T2 vs MEPS+, etc.) or between Standards Release (e.g. MT540 SR2020 vs. SR2021). 

Users can test new versions of a message to understand potential implementation errors and correct on the fly to prepare the system roll out.

Want to know more about MyStandards?

Get in touch with our MyStandards experts.