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ISO 20022 for Market Infrastructures

ISO 20022 is clearly the preferred choice of messaging standard for market infrastructures (MIs) around the world. By 2025, all reserve currency high-value payments systems (HVPS) will have fully transitioned to rich ISO 20022, and more than 90% of HVPS value worldwide will move on ISO 20022 rails.

As ISO 20022 implementations proliferate, variability in the ways in which ISO 20022 is deployed (in terms of message versions, market practice rules and release cycles), its value needs to be reinforced by global alignment on these points.

Part of our commitment to help the MI community is the ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter, which specifies standard implementation templates and conventions, to which most MIs have signalled their commitment to align.

The success of the ISO 20022 harmonisation programme depends crucially on engagement from the market infrastructures community. If your organisation or your community is interested in receiving additional information please contact your account manager or regional representative.

How can we help?

We are committed to making this transition as easy as possible for our community and provide consulting services to support you.

To support your operating environment in its adoption of ISO 20022, we have a comprehensive portfolio of flexible and customisable support and care services.

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ISO 20022 Services