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New many-to-many Interact service

In order to support these obligations in terms of transmission of information, SWIFT and the Securities Market Practice Group (SMPG) have worked together to provide to the financial industry various appropriate ISO messaging solutions covering all IR minimum requirements. The messages have been published in October 2019 and are available on the ISO website and on the SWIFT MyStandards platform.

These ISO solutions comprise the following components:

  • Updates on eight existing messages for General Meeting (formally known as Proxy Voting);
  • Creation of five new messages for Shareholder Identification Disclosure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fequently asked questions document has been created to help you start exchanging those new ISO 20022 mesages on SWIFTNet.

Read the FAQs

Interested in accessing the new solution?

If you're interested in accessing the new service, you can now join the pilot mode (test environment) by completing the e-form.

Launch: August 2020

The service will be launched in August 2020 (available in test mode as from March 2020), on-time for the 3 September 2020 SRDII implementation deadline.

Initial scope: SRDII messages

The service will initially be launched with 13 securities messages (General Meeting and Shareholder Identification Disclosure).

Other ISO 20022 securities messages

The service will then gradually include more securities messages (e.g.  corporate actions, settlement and reconciliation).

Payment messages

For the latest information about the cross border payment (CBPR+) migration, please click here.