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How to use and manage personal tokens

When you first receive your personal token, you must activate it on the Certificate Centre. The activation process generates your PKI private key on the token and allows you to set your personal password that protects access to your token. Your system would require some configuration in order to use the Swift Personal token.

Following Oracle’s decision to phase-out the support of Java Applets in Java JRE version 8, Swift is mandating that customers use SConnect as an alternative solution. 

The Swift Certificate Center (SCC) is providing an alternative method, in SConnect, to replace the Java Applet solution. 

SConnect is a browser extension that enables applications and websites to communicate with tokens without Java. To connect to an application portal with a token, SConnect installation is required. The Swift Certificate Centre portal contains documentation providing detailed instructions regarding installation and configuration of SConnect solution. 

To activate your token, insert it into a PC on which you have installed the token software and log in to the Swift Certificate Centre. The activation process starts automatically. You will be requested to enter the activation code, which you will receive from your security officer, and the initial token password, which you will receive from Swift.