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Prior to be provided to the market, business applications are submitted to a series of test, ranging from unit, integration, and acceptance to certification and regular regression testing with new releases of SWIFT interfaces and Standards. Test environments are provided to support this effort.

Table of contents


Messaging services available to test SWIFT Solutions.

SWIFT Directory products

SWIFT defines and maintains various directory products. This includes BIC, IBAN and SEPA reference data.

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SWIFT Directory products
BIC Directory

The BIC Directory is a database containing the exhaustive list of institutions connected on the SWIFT network. Your application should be able to validate the BIC codes used in any message

The BIC Directory can be deployed locally, and can be automatically updated through FileAct.


The BIC Directory includes the following files:

  • BIC bank files

  • BIC Update files

  • Currencies, Country an holidays files

The BIC Directory is downloadable from www.swift.com in full or delta versions.

Samples of any files are available for testing purposes on SWIFTCommunity (https://www.swiftcommunity.net/), Registered Vendors community.


The BICPlusIBAN Directory includes the full list of the ISO9362 BIC cross-referenced with more than 400,000 national bank codes/sort codes from over 60 countries, including codes from the American Banking Association (ABA).

It also provides the ISO13616 IBAN structures of more than 50 countries, and all national bank codes used in IBANs, cross-referenced with the BICs used in SEPA.

It also includes the directory of countries, currencies and holidays.


Financial institutions and corporates use the BICPlusIBAN Directory to:

  • Validate the BIC in payments and customer databases
  • Look up the BIC and its details such as an institution’s name and address
  • Look up the institution’s participation in payments services
  • Look up the connected SWIFT BIC serving a non-connected BIC
  • Translate between the BIC and the corresponding national bank/sort code
  • Make customer or supplier databases SEPA-ready
  • Look up the BIC corresponding to an IBAN

The BICPlusIBAN Directory is available as a downloadable, electronic file suited for integration, or for manual look-up. Samples are available on SWIFTCommunity (https://www.swiftcommunity.net/), Registered Vendors community.

SEPA Routing Directory

The SEPA Routing Directory contains operational information on SEPA participants, their operational readiness for the SEPA schemes and how payment transfers can reach them.


Financial institutions in SEPA are using this directory to:

  • Validate the counterparty’s BIC
  • Validate the counterparty’s adherence to the SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme (presence in the European Payments Council’s Register of Participants)
  • Look up the BIC’s operational readiness
  • Find the available and preferred payment channels (Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms) for sending a SEPA payment to the receiving bank.

The SEPA Routing is available as a downloadable file, which can be integrated  with your applications or for stand-alone look-up using our free BIC Enquiry Tool.   

The SEPA Routing directory specifications and samples can be downloaded from www.swift.com on the BIC Downloads page or on SWIFTCommunity (https://www.swiftcommunity.net/)  in the Registered Vendors community.


Integration with SWIFT Interfaces and network.

Interface pack

You can test your connectivity to SWIFT by sending and receiving messages from the ITB.

To be able to test end-to-end, you need  a combination of the following products and services:

  1. An Interface pack
  2. The ITB connectivity pack
  3. Subscription to a test service or solution on the ITB

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