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Reducing operational risk, our Alliance RMA interface allows you to manage your Swift business relationships by blocking unwanted traffic. In addition, the optional Alliance RMA Plus enables you to specify what sort of traffic you will accept from specific correspondents.

Table of contents

Using Alliance RMA

Controlling the traffic you want to receive from other correspondents is easy with Alliance RMA. Putting in place the desired controls is a two stage process: you establish authorisations specifying who can send traffic to whom and when, either by exchanging authorisations using the RMA protocol or by creating authorisations locally. Your messaging interface then applies these rules to control which traffic you can exchange with a particular correspondent.

Alliance RMA runs on IBM AIX, Sun Solaris or Windows operating systems and uses Alliance Web Platform SE as a graphical user interface. Alliance RMA can be connected to Swift through an Alliance Gateway that you already have, or through its own dedicated Alliance Gateway and Swift Link which are included with Alliance RMA. 

Features of Alliance RMA include:

  • Access to all the functions you need to manage your Swift correspondents via RMA, including creation, modification, verification and authorisation of RMA records.
  • The ‘four eyes’ principle is enabled, meaning that the actions of one operator need to be verified by another person.
  • A comprehensive audit trail is provided, with every event and message processed by Alliance RMA logged in the local database.
  • RMA export files can be transferred and incorporated by any other application compliant with the Swift RMA file specifications.
  • Event monitoring can be incorporated into existing monitoring systems.
  • Can be deployed either on a standalone basis or behind Alliance Gateway, via the remote access host adapter (RAHA) communication protocol.

Using Alliance RMA Plus

Providing an additional level of control, RMA Plus allows you to specify which authenticated FIN message types a correspondent can send you. Unwanted messages are blocked at the sender level – even if your correspondent does not have RMA Plus.

Without RMA Plus, when you exchange a particular type of message, such as letters of credit, you also have to accept all other types of FIN traffic from the correspondent. Using RMA Plus, you can limit what you receive to messages related to letters of credit.

This optional solution reduces operational risk and can also open up new business opportunities. Correspondent relationships can be established which might previously have been avoided due to the associated risk and regulatory control burden.

Features of RMA Plus include:

  • One-way relationship management: the type of traffic you allow your correspondent to send you may differ from the type of traffic you are allowed to send them.
  • An extension of your existing Alliance license, RMA Plus does not require any additional software.
  • Relationships can be sorted by granularity using the RMA overview screen of your Alliance interface.
  • Existing and desired authorisations can be compared in a single window, giving a clear view of the differences in category or message type.
  • The solution’s profiling flexibility means the power to create authorisations can be delegated to local operational teams or may require approval from a central relationship manager.