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Alliance Connect migration

Update: the end of the Alliance Connect migration is extended from end July 2020 to end December 2020.

On 1 August 2018, SWIFT started the migration of the network connectivity to SWIFTNet services. The new SRX345 VPN boxes are available for the Alliance Connect products.

The mandatory migration of all existing Alliance Connect products has begun at the same time (1 August 2018) with a planned completion date of end Dec 2020, until then the SSG5 VPN boxes are still supported.

SWIFT has introduced several enhancements to the existing Alliance Connect portfolio, which will provide higher resiliency, performance and increased security.

For more information please refer to Alliance Connect Migration support page.

New enhancements and features include:

Resiliency Performance Security

Enhanced monitoring and dynamic traffic re-routing in case of disconnections or degradation.


Alliance Connect Gold now has the option for two, three, or up to four leased lines.

Increased speed towards customer LAN as well as higher speed lines towards the SWIFT network.


The same connectivity pack can be used for multiple local initiatives due to an increase in the number of IPSec tunnels.

The new VPN boxes use the latest technology that enables increased security and improved cryptography.


The new hardware is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified.