Stephen Gilderdale

Stephen Gilderdale

Chief Product Officer

Stephen Gilderdale was appointed Chief Product Officer on 1st November 2019. He is responsible for SWIFT’s Product group which brings together SWIFT’s technology and product development.

The Product group delivers all the products and services aimed to respond to the needs of our banking , securities, market infrastructure and corporate customers.

Stephen was previously Chief Operations Officer, responsible for SWIFT’s Operations group ensuring  the day-to day delivery of SWIFT’s services. Prior to that, Stephen was Chief Platform Officer, in charge of the development of SWIFT’s messaging platforms, supporting financial messaging, software and connectivity solutions for the SWIFT community.  He also headed SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme, setting the standard for customer security through a SWIFT initiative designed to safeguard trust in cross-border payments, supporting banks in managing and reducing cyber risk before, during and after payments are made.

Stephen has more than 20 years’ experience in the operations, technology and business consultancy space, having held executive positions at several multinational organisations. Prior to joining SWIFT in 2007, Stephen held senior management positions at Accenture where he worked across a variety of financial institutions, including securities marketplaces, banks and card operators.