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Application vendors can play a major role in helping you implement universal payment confirmations. To date, 16 of the major global vendors used by SWIFT members have confirmed their support for SWIFT gpi capability.

Through a structured and phased approach, we’re supporting the broader vendor community to help grow gpi adoption.

SWIFT has recently initiated a self-attestation programme for the Application provider community, where third-party financial applications can self-attest to their support for SWIFTgpi Universal Payment Confirmations.

The applications listed below have confirmed and shared their commitment to support at least one of the automated SWIFT gpi universal confirmations’ channels (MT 199/APIs) as per the universal confirmations’ rulebook and as part of the yearly standard release support for all the customers using their application.

SWIFT do not test or audit the product's readiness, resilience, performance, overall quality, usability, scalability, supportability, or other generic commercial features.

If you need more information on how the support will be offered, please reach out to the respective application provider. If your application provider is not in the list, please share the details of the application provider below with SWIFT and SWIFT will reach out to the application provider to support them and take their input on SWIFT gpi Universal confirmations.

Company name

Application name

Release availability date Support UC year (2019/2020)

ACI Worldwide

UP Real-Time Payments

October 2019 2019

Commercial Banking Applications AS (CBA)

IBAS GPF – Global Payments Factory

September 2019 2019


All Payments (APS) November 2020 2020


BESS Core November 2019 2019
Finastra Fusion Payplus FTS September 2019 2019
FIS Global Open Payment Framework (OPF) - xCT April 2019 2019
Montran Global Payment Solution(GPS) September 2019 2019
ORACLE FINANCIAL SERVICES SOFTWARE LIMITED Oracle Flexcube Universal Banking May 2019 2019

TRAVIC-Payment Hub

July 2020 2020

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS BaNCS Payments

September 2019 2019
Temenos Temenos Payments October 2019 2019

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