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You wouldn’t post a letter without making sure you have the correct address details. So why would you send an important payment without being sure you’re using accurate data? Organisations can either spend time and resource gathering all the information they need to make payments, and still not be sure it’s accurate, or they can use a trusted reference data service to ensure they’re always up to date.

SwiftRef provides you with a single, easy to integrate, standardised source of quality payments reference data. From bank identifiers and payments systems to market infrastructure memberships and standing & settlement instructions, SwiftRef supplies and maintains all of the information you need to process payments, ensuring your back office functions are operating efficiently.

Our payments reference data is accessible via three different channels: files, our online platform, or via APIs.

Our payments reference data solutions

Reference Data

Payments Data Files

Access high-quality payments data in xml or txt format

Reference Data

Payments Data Online

Access high-quality payments data via our Online lookup portal

Reference Data

Payments Data APIs

Access high-quality payments data via efficient API calls

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