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Operational excellence on-premises

Having an on-premises Alliance interface gives you flexibility and control – but it also requires Swift knowledge and expertise. Not all institutions have the necessary resources, and others may want to keep efforts focused on their core business activities.

Through our Alliance Managed Operations service, you will be given a dedicated Operational Delivery Manager – a certified Swift expert. These operations include patch installations, regular housekeeping reviews, continuous real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. In order to minimise downtime and avoid the inconvenience and expense of onsite visits, all operations are performed remotely and securely.
You can benefit from this service if you have Alliance Entry or Alliance Access (maximum Band 8) running at your premises.

Swift Professional services
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Swift Professional services

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Continuous monitoring

We monitor your Alliance interfaces throughout your business hours. If issues arise, we automatically trigger an investigation and call you when needed.

Release and change management

Your Operational Delivery Manager will implement configuration changes and install patches on your behalf – meeting your needs and ensuring compliance with our latest mandatory releases.


Regular housekeeping operations help keep your Alliance interfaces fully operational. Frequent reviews of log files and non-critical events reduce the likelihood of issues arising.

Focus time and effort on your core business

Alliance Managed Operations bringing Swift Operational Excellence to your premises.