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Swift GPI for banks document centre

Download the latest resources.

Last update: 29 November 2022

Case Study – Mauritius Commercial Bank

Learn how Mauritius Commercial Bank empowers customers with self-service payment tracking using Swift GPI.

Last update: 7 December 2021

Swift Go testimonial: BBVA

Hear from Raouf Soussi, BBVA.

Last update: 7 December 2021

Swift Go testimonial: BNY Mellon

Hear from Isabel Schmidt, BNY Mellon.

Last update: 7 December 2021

Swift Go testimonial: Société Générale

Hear from Jean-François Mazure, Société Générale.

Last update: 21 September 2021

Case Study - J.P. Morgan & Stop and Recall

Find out how J.P. Morgan is leveraging Swift’s stop and recall service to streamline and automate the halting of...

Last update: 25 August 2021

[Ebook] 6 ways to reduce cross-border payments friction

Download this ebook to learn how financial institutions can deliver a better payments experience.

Last update: 9 December 2020

Case Study - First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO)

First National Bank of Omaha leverages Swift GPI payments data to support international business growth across the...

Last update: 23 October 2020

Case Study - China Minsheng Bank and gpi Stop and Recall

Find out how China Minsheng Bank is delivering value-added services for its corporate customers using the gpi Stop and...

Last update: 8 October 2020

Making low-value cross-border payments simple

Imagine a world where cross-border payments could be made by consumers and small businesses in an easy, predictable...

Last update: 7 October 2020

Swift GPI: Driving a payments revolution

Cross-border payments are fast, transparent and fully traceable thanks to Swift GPI. Now a new phase of innovation is...