Dominik Vogel

Global Service Management Payments, UBS

Dominik Vogel is Executive Director in the COO division of Personal & Corporate Clients of UBS Switzerland AG. In his role as Global Payments Service Manager his responsibilities include overseeing the bank internal ISO20022 initiative covering multiple ISO migration initiatives such as MX/CBPR+, TARGET2/EBA-Clearing, CHAPS, MEPS+/SCRIPS, CHATS, FED & CHIPS. He is also the Business Lead of the UBS Instant Payments initiative in the ongoing implementation of Instant Payments in Switzerland (SIC5).
Dominik joined UBS in 2002 and has been involved in several projects such as implementation of SWIF GPI, adoption of ISO20022 in Switzerland, data analytics projects and global payments infrastructure programs. He is a board member of the Swiss Association for Swift and Financial Standards (SASFS), the Payments Committee Switzerland (PaCoS) and represents the Swiss Community in the Payments Market Practice Group (PMPG).