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SWIFT is currently collecting feedback from its users about when they plan to self-attest their level of compliance against SWIFT’s customer security controls.

To this end, SWIFT has sent its users an email invitation to complete a short survey.

These emails are sent out in the name of Stephen Gilderdale, Head of SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme (CSP), and come from the address: The subject of the e-mail is “SWIFT CSP attestation -  please complete single question survey”.  The message contains a link starting with “https://”, where customers are asked “When do you expect to complete and submit your initial SWIFT Customer Security Programme self-attestation in the KYC-SA?”.

This survey is active from 1 September to 15 September 2017.

SWIFT takes security seriously; this page has been created to inform you that SWIFT is the genuine source of this email invitation and survey.