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Screening, KYC, Data Analytics, Fraud Prevention

As banks adapt to meet the challenges of the digital age, the need for robust compliance practices and fraud prevention programmes has never mattered more. Evolving technology and faster payments create new financial crime threats – a challenge we need to address as a community. We’ll discuss all this and more, giving you the insights and practical tools you need for your business to thrive.

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Protect your business with our new fraud prevention service: SWIFT Payment Controls


Learn how our new anti-fraud solution, launched as part of the Customer Security Programme, can help you augment your security strategy  and provide an in-network defence against cyber threats. 

SWIFT Hub Conference room

LIVE DEMO - See Payment Controls in action


Join us for a live demo session and see Payment Controls in action. Our product experts will be on hand to answer your questions.

SWIFT Hub Conference room

Beyond compliance: faster, more secure and cost-effective payments and business operations  


Join us to find out how SWIFT can support your business in the fight against financial crime. Learn about our range of solutions to suit your needs and hear about the value our customers are getting from these solutions today.

SWIFT Hub - Conference room

Leveraging data for better compliance outcomes, operational efficiency and transparency


SWIFT experts and customers discuss how banks are addressing compliance and business challenges using internal data sets and SWIFT’s unique data offerings. Learn how leveraging data assets can change your approach to compliance and shape your management of risk.


SWIFT Hub - Conference room

Managing compliance in a real-time world


The speed and frequency of payments are increasing. In the context of real-time processing and the landscape of SWIFT gpi, customers and SWIFT experts discuss how banks are facing the challenges this poses for compliance departments and the wider business. Hear from customers how compliance will change and how SWIFT solutions are supporting the transformation to create faster, safer, secure, more transparent and cost-effective payments.



SWIFT Hub - Conference room

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Meeting the compliance challenge