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To ensure we capture the needs of the industry and respond to our community’s expectations, we ran a survey to assess the current level of awareness about the migration to ISO 20022 within the SWIFT community.

Measuring awareness

Among the 85 respondents drawn from the SWIFT National Member and User Group Chairpersons, a vast majority declared that within their respective communities the level of awareness of the migration largely ranges from low (where awareness is limited to NMG and NUG members), to medium (a majority of our community members are aware, but feel they need further clarification).

This result confirms that we need to continue engaging with the community to ensure that all players involved understand the scope and impact of the initiative.

Where to focus our efforts to spread awareness?

In the last part of the survey we turned the focus on the areas of the migration that will require further clarification to ensure a clear understanding among the community. Three key themes emerged from this consultation: Scope of the migration, standards maintenance and translation service.

We will address these points in details in our upcoming Information Report that will be shared with the community in June 2019.

That’s why in addition to our quarterly newsletter, we will provide regular updates across additional points of engagement such as: