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BIC Plus & BIC directory 2018

BIC Plus & BIC directory 2018 contain all Business Identifier Codes (BICs) issued by SWIFT under ISO 9362:2014. Both files will inform your customer of the institution behind the BIC, whether this BIC is connected to SWIFT, and where the financial institution is located.

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Bank directory Plus

Bank directory Plus is your customers’ one-stop-shop for accurate, up-to-date global payments reference data, collected directly from data originators, including central banks, code issuers, clearing & settlement mechanisms (CSMs), banking associations, regional financial communities and financial institutions.

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Country, Currency & Holiday

ISO country and currency codes are indispensable reference data when it comes to avoiding payment delays and rejections. The same is true of bank holiday information. The Country, Currency and Holiday (CCH) directory provides exactly this. The directory is also part of BIC Plus.

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Bankers World Online

Bankers World Online is SWIFTRef's flagship service. Bankers World Online is an online lookup directory providing access to worldwide payments and correspondent banking reference data, as well as financial information for financial institutions and corporates worldwide.

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