7 December 2016
Abu Dhabi

SWIFT Business Forum United Arab Emirates 2016

Business Forum UAE 2016 Agenda


Wednesday 7 December 2016

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Financial crime compliance – the impact of global regulations on the UAE

In light of increased due diligence expectations and increasingly specific legislative mandates, financial institutions are re-evaluating their cross-border activities to manage risk. Banks around the globe and in the UAE need to balance the needs of their client against the requirements of the regulator while satisfying shareholder demands. What are the main global regulations and regional trends impacting UAE banks? How can technology play a role in managing multiple, ever-changing requirements from global and local regulatory bodies?


SWIFT in UAE - supporting the community

What can SWIFT do to better support the financial services industry in UAE? This session offers the UAE’s financial and corporate community the opportunity to engage with SWIFT and hear from local community representatives.


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Regional economic overview


FinTech innovation and the future of payments in the Middle East      

A wave of money is flowing into financial technology, particularly in the UAE, with Abu Dhabi working to establish itself as the new FinTech capital of the GCC. Disruptive fintech companies are trying to eat into banks’ business, however, banks are fighting back. They are investigating how disruptive technologies can support their businesses and are working together in unprecedented ways to improve the experience and reduce costs for the end customers. The shift towards real time payments is also a global phenomenon, changing the shape of payment systems around the world.


This session will look at the challenges to the established payment service models and ask if the industry really is on the verge of a major step change – and if banks can effectively defend their territory. Will the UAE be a protagonist or an observer as the industry undergoes this wave of disruptive change?


In Conversation


The challenges of managing cyber risks

Cyber-attacks hit the headlines on a daily basis, and the banking sector is a top target. In a world built upon trust and dependent on reliable technology, financial institutions can stand or fall based on their upfront management of cyber risk and readiness to respond in the event of an attack. But what do banks need to do to effectively manage cyber risks? How does this extend beyond the more traditional view of technology risk? And how can these security investments be managed against regulatory and business-growth led demands?


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