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Last update: 7 June 2024

Fairness AI - FinFair AI Index Framework

This study investigates the aspects of fairness within B2B financial transactions and addresses a significant gap in the...

Last update: 10 May 2024

Payment "tokens": a route to optimizing liquidity management?

This paper examines the opportunities for better management of intra-day and overnight liquidity in financial markets...

Last update: 30 May 2023

Industry Preparedness for Accelerated Settlement

Institution(s): ISITC Europe CIC, London Institute of Banking and Finance, Ulster University Business School

Last update: 1 July 2022

Lessons in private-private financial information sharing to detect and disrupt crime

Institution(s): Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Last update: 1 May 2022

Central Bank Digital Currencies and International Payments

Institution(s): Loughborough University, Manchester Business School

Last update: 1 April 2022

Defining Digital Assets

Institution(s): Loughborough University

Last update: 1 November 2021

Investigating cybersecurity risk minimisation practices across Africa

Institution(s): United States International University in Kenya

Last update: 1 May 2021

The Future of Transaction Monitoring: Better ways to detect and disrupt financial crime

Institution(s): Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Last update: 1 December 2020

Cyber resilience and financial organizations: A capacity-building tool box

Institution(s): Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Last update: 13 August 2020

Securing the future of the financial industry through improved gender diversity

Institution(s): School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford