SWIFT Certified Interface Programme

The Certified Interface Programme is for SWIFT interfaces developed by partners and customers. It verifies that interfaces meet interoperability and security requirements.

SWIFT Certified Interface Programme

Our certification programme for partner- and customer- developed SWIFT interfaces verifies that interfaces meet the rigorous requirements for interoperability, including correct adherence to protocols, and implementation of certain mandatory features. To receive certification for a product, the provider must meet these conformance requirements and pass stringent integration testing.

To ensure operability and business continuity, customers must only connect to SWIFT using an interface certified under the programme.

The Interface Certification Programme covers different messaging protocols, such as FIN, RMA, InterAct store-and-forward, FileAct store-and-forward, FileAct real-time and connectivity, as detailed in the SWIFTNet Interface Vendor Specifications.

The Interface Certification Programme validates that vendor interfaces comply with these specifications. Interface characteristics such as resilience, throughput and value-added features are not in the scope of the certification.

The Interface Certification Programme also checks compliance of the vendor interface with a set of mandatory and advisory security requirements, extracted from the Customer Security Programme.

How to apply for SWIFT Interface Certification programme

Registration process

First, please read carefully the programme overview:

Next, send an email to the address below, with brief details of your organisation and the interface you wish to certify:

We’ll reply within 10 working days.

Complete and return the Interface Certification form and pay the certification fee.

Conformance testing – interim certification

You’ll receive a conformance questionnaire and test specifications for certification, and a conformance test appointment.

Run the conformance tests with the SWIFT Test Authority during the agreed test execution window. Once the initial conformance testing is satisfactorily completed, you’ll receive interim certification for your interface.

Customer reference testing - certification

You must achieve successful implementation and testing of the interface at a customer site of your choice within three months of receiving interim certification. Certification will then be provided.

More information

Please email us at swiftnet.cbt.qualification@swift.com with any questions you may have about the SWIFT Interface Certification Programme.

SWIFT Certified Interface Programme