SWIFT Compatible Interface Programme

The Certified Interface Programme is for SWIFT interfaces developed by partners and customers. It verifies that interfaces meet interoperability and security requirements.

SWIFT Certified Interface Programme

Our SWIFT Compatible Interface programme for registered providers and non-SWIFT interfaces helps assure that interfaces meet requirements for interoperability with SWIFT messaging services, including correct adherence to protocols, and implementation of certain mandatory features. To receive compatibility confirmation for a product, the provider must meet these requirements and pass integration testing.

SWIFT customers must only connect to SWIFT using a SWIFT Compatible Infrastructure.

The SWIFT Compatible Interface programme covers different messaging protocols, such as FIN, RMA, InterAct store-and-forward, FileAct store-and-forward, FileAct real-time and connectivity, as detailed in the SWIFTNet Interface Vendor Specifications.

The SWIFT Compatible Interface programme also checks compliance of the vendor interface with a set of mandatory and advisory security requirements, derived from the SWIFT Customer Security Programme.

SWIFT Compatible Interface Programme