Statement of Shareholding

As outlined in article 6 of the SWIFT By-laws, the name, identity details and number of shares of each shareholder of the company are entered in the company’s share register. The share register is kept electronically at the company’s registered office.

An excerpt of the share register qualifies as a certificate of shareholding. The excerpt can be downloaded through the Shareholding Tool.

Share details

The nominal value of a SWIFT share is EUR 125. The value of a SWIFT share is re-calculated every year and confirmed upon approval of the financial statements at the General Meeting. Since 13 June 2019 the value of the SWIFT’s share was set at EUR 5,390.


The total number of SWIFT shares in issue varies each month, depending on the admission of new, or resignation of shareholders. 

Capital and shareholding are defined in articles 5, 6 and 10 of the SWIFT By-laws.

Please use the Shareholding Tool to request a status overview of the shares you hold in SWIFT SCRL.

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