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We are working to make a more positive impact on the communities where we operate and do business

Environmental programme

At SWIFT, we aim to carry out our daily operations while limiting our impact on the environment. We have challenged ourselves to be as responsible and sustainable as we can. This involves a concrete plan for reducing our carbon emissions and engaging our stakeholders in the process.

Where we are today

Since 2007, we have challenged ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint. We still have a way to go to reach our goal of being carbon neutral by 2020. But we were able to already reach one benchmark: a 70% emission reduction between 2007 and 2015, a year early. A commitment to our green strategy brought us here.

We continue to focus on these key objectives:

  • Reduce our energy consumption
  • Use green energy whenever possible
  • Compensate for the emissions we cannot avoid by buying green certificates

Greening SWIFT began by making our offices energy efficient. In addition, our work-from-home and flexible time policies enable staff to reduce their commuting impact. This new way of working allows us to reduce office space, lowering energy output. We also use green electricity where available, and promote a paperless office. In addition, we preserved biodiversity at our headquarters through the installation of beehives and by planting an orchard and wildflower meadow.

We reduce the impact of staff travel through carbon offsetting and at Sibos, our largest community event, we invite delegates to act accordingly.

The effort to make our data centres more energy efficient is ongoing. At the moment, a flagship SWIFT operating centre in Switzerland is an example of what we hope to achieve more broadly in minimised carbon emissions.

How we will move forward

We are committed to being carbon neutral by 2020. Reaching this goal requires that we continue to reduce our energy consumption and integrate the cost of our environmental impact into our operations.

This means we will build on our existing green measures as well as incorporate new ones. We will continue to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings and data centres, and limit travel emissions through the use of alternatives for physical meetings and a responsible travel policy. We aim to further reduce waste and improve the way we sort it; establish a sustainable procurement policy; use green energy more effectively as it evolves; and further reduce the impact of commuting by promoting the use of electric cars and alternative ways to work.

To extend our commitment to environmental sustainability to our community, we engage with suppliers and customers as well as our staff. Let’s work together toward a greener future.


SWIFT Environmental Policy

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Last update: 
31 August 2015

SWIFT aims to perform its mission while limiting its impact on the environment.

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