Corporate Social Responsibility

We are working to make a more positive impact on the communities where we operate and do business

Respect for the value of diversity

Our vision is rooted in two core concepts: diversity and inclusion. We aim to promote an inclusive culture within our company and our community—where everyone is involved, respected, and connected regardless of their differences.

Our perspective

Diversity and inclusion are integral to our culture of excellence, innovation, and community. An emphasis on diversity creates an environment of unique individuals with different perspectives on the financial industry and the world. The emphasis on inclusion ensures that our staff members are valued for who they are and what their individuality brings to our culture. The richness of our global workforce delivers new insights that contribute considerable business value.

Our initiatives are based around three core concepts:


We are building a pipeline of diverse, talented professionals and future leaders. To build a naturally inclusive future, we recruit and develop talent with diversity in mind. Our talent identification, acquisition, development, and mentorship programmes emphasise inclusion so as to lead to broader company awareness and a more representative workforce.

In short, we make sure the SWIFT view of talent is not restricted by gender, age, ethnicity, orientation, or physical appearance.


It is crucial to communicate with our staff members about the importance of diversity to create more inclusive offices. But raising staff awareness is only a first step. We seek to involve our staff in a dialogue about acceptance, tolerance, and how diversity is important for business growth.

We offer education modules and workshops on relevant topics to enact our collection vision, such as the issue of unconscious bias. These internal initiatives help staff members bridge culture gaps; an important step for any global company. 

These and other events and programmes help move us toward solutions that will inherently promote diversity in our offices.


Finally, we aim to spread our message throughout the financial industry and community. We have the opportunity, as a global intermediary, to facilitate dialogue about the business value of an inclusive workforce to our customers, suppliers, and partners. Whenever we host an event, we take the opportunity to further advance our vision for diversity.