Corporate Social Responsibility

We are working to make a more positive impact on the communities where we operate and do business

Community outreach

We recognise our role as a globally connected company as a privilege and a responsibility. To make a positive impact in our communities, we partner with organisations to support education and assist underprivileged children, and encourage our staff to participate in local support activities.

Children and education

The heart of our programme is a commitment to improve education through the support of youth-oriented associations and charities that help children and young adults in need. We look to partner with these community initiatives where we can: in the regions where we are based, and where we host industry events.

In 2014, we established a partnership with Teach for Belgium, an association that addresses inequality in education by training teachers to better support students in Brussels, Belgium, our home community. We also partner with the United Fund for Belgium; the United Way of America; Greenlight for Girls, an international organisation that encourages girls to pursue STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics); and more.

In addition, we do what we can for children in need by helping charities in locations where we hold events. Whether a regional conference or a global gathering like Sibos, we look for organisations that will make a positive impact on our host community. Sibos 2015 Singapore, for example, gives us the opportunity to contribute to Beyond Social Services which provides safe environments for disadvantaged young people.

Staff engagement

With over 20 offices around the globe, SWIFT has an opportunity to make a difference in many regions. We start by encouraging our staff members to be active in their home communities.

Our Team with Spirit events combine team-building activities with charitable efforts, creating an attitude of teamwork and collaboration around community engagement. Whether it is preparing a meal for the hungry, painting a house, or donating blood, our staff is ready to lend a helping hand.

Support for crisis relief

Natural catastrophes and disease outbreaks are urgent calls to action for compassionate citizens. Our staff members contribute to relief efforts across the globe, and our practice is to match staff donations.