Make your impact

At SWIFT we punch above our weight.

Make your impact

SWIFT doesn’t stand still

We are constantly evolving and tirelessly innovating. Working at the intersection of finance and technology is a very exciting place to be right now.

SWIFT is transforming cross-border payments, making them faster and more transparent than ever before. We are the way the world moves value — every instant of every day, in almost every country. We are proud that what we do has a critical impact on the global financial community and touches almost every aspect of the financial world. So, what you do at SWIFT has real impact too — an impact that matters every day. Which is why you matter to us.

Joining SWIFT gives you unparalleled exposure to knowledge, expertise and technologies. If you have what it takes, you’ll be able to take on different career paths and have the opportunity to work in teams, departments and disciplines in countries around the world. 

SWIFT is unique. There is no other organisation like ours in the world driving the long-term future of the financial ecosystem. You’ll be surrounded by bright, customer-focused and intellectually curious people in a collaborative, friendly, open and inclusive environment.

Make your impact at SWIFT - Rosemary Stone

Rosemary Stone, Global Head of Human Resources

At SWIFT we are trusted every instant. Everything we do has an impact that matters. And as a member of our team, you are trusted to make your impact every day.


Our way of working


  • Always have the customer in mind while continuing to pursue operational excellence
  • Deliver the right services at the right time to deliver customer value
  • Engage in gathering customer feedback to improve

Open-minded & curious

  • Challenge the status quo and be curious of the big picture, stimulate fresh ideas and drive positive changes
  • Share and seek feedback from different stakeholders to act on it
  • Share knowledge to develop yourself, others and SWIFT


One accountable team

  • Collaborate: Win together, fail together
  • Be accountable for your and your team results and act on any issues
  • Be respectful and trustful within your team and across the company
Last update: 
23 September 2019

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At SWIFT we punch above our weight. We are a company of 3000 diverse and talented people on a mission to innovate...
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We put you in control of your career

We want you to take control of your career development so you are more invested in it.

If you have what it takes, you’ll be able to explore many different career paths and trajectories, and – with our help and support – shape your future direction. You can expect to work with different disciplines, take on new responsibilities, use and learn new skills and get exposure to Agile working practices. We provide continuous feedback to inform and shape your development, and the latest training to support it. You can also expect opportunities to engage with and learn from technology and financial industry experts worldwide.

We give you a competitive package

If you are well rewarded you will be even more motivated to make your impact.

Our total rewards approach is holistic and goes well beyond salary — but we also want to get the basics right. Our packages include a competitive base salary, a performance-related bonus, generous retirement benefits, and excellent medical benefits and allowances for you and your family. We are constantly benchmarking our total rewards package to make sure it remains competitive and attractive to our people.


We help you perform at your best

We provide working environments that you can thrive in. Our culture is open, collaborative, respectful and supportive, with a strong team spirit.

We offer flexible working based on your role and team, so you can strike the right work-life balance. Our excellent health and medical benefits and allowances mean you can keep healthy without having to worry about the cost.


We help you make a difference

By operating responsibly and sustainably we can make a real, positive impact on the environment and our communities.

For example, we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint a further 36% by 2030. Through our active corporate social responsibility programmes we encourage you to spend time volunteering in your local community, joining existing projects or starting your own with our support. We also partner with organisations around the world to provide education in finance and technology to those in need.


We give you the freedom to be yourself

Diverse teams perform better, have more impact and add more value.

Balance@SWIFT — our internal diversity and inclusion network — creates opportunities to join in, be part of a team, initiative or event — or organise your own. Diversity and inclusion are more than just policies and practices: they are integral to us as a global company. One where you’ll get the opportunity to work with people from many different countries and from a rich diversity of cultures which is something that our people really value.

We are creating an environment of unique individuals – like you – with different perspectives on the financial industry and the world. An environment in which everyone’s voice counts and where you can reach your full potential regardless of background, gender or culture.