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SWIFT and international payment systems

This module helps to explain the role of SWIFT in international payment systems and provides an insight into the major payment systems worldwide.

If you prefer to learn about these topics through a classroom course, we recommend the one-day session SWIFT for payments clearing and settlement.

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Duration Duration: 0,5 day

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The module is aimed at anyone who is interested in knowing more on international payment systems and more particularly back-office staff and managers from payments departments, business analysts and product managers.

Training content

This module covers the following topics:

  • Introduction - trends and developments in the payments industry
  • SWIFT's role in international payment systems:
    • FIN and FIN Copy
    • T-Copy and Y-Copy
    • SWIFTNet functionalities
  • Information on each of the following systems to get a better understanding on their overall functioning:
    • TARGET2
    • SEPA
    • EBA : EURO1, STEP1 and STEP2
    • CLS
    • CHIPS and Fedwire
    • MEPS+

Prior knowledge

A basic knowledge of the payments environment is required. Introduction to SWIFT in the payments market will provide you with a solid foundation.

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