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ISO 20022 messages for SEPA

The concept of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) includes adoption of mandatory ISO 20022 (XML based) payment standards messages and usage rules, which will have a substantial impact on the financial institutions. This course offers you an overview of SEPA as well as an explanation of the five mandatory bank to bank messages according to the European Payments Council (EPC) Implementation Guidelines and the EPC Rulebook.

Classroom course Classroom course
Duration Duration: 1 day

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The session is targeted at anyone who requires detailed message standard-oriented knowledge on SEPA, business analysts and members of the SEPA project team of your financial institution.

Course content

  • Introduction to SEPA
    • What is SEPA?
    • The role of SWIFT in SEPA
  • XML in a nutshell
  • Mandatory bank to bank messages
    • FItoFICustomerCreditTransfer (pacs.008.001.01)
    • FItoFICustomerDirectDebit (pacs.003.001.01)
    • PaymentReturn (pacs.004.001.01)
    • PaymentStatusReport (pacs.002.001.02)
    • PaymentReversal (pacs.007.001.01)
    • Comparison of the XML elements in the standards listed above to corresponding FIN fields

The course material is brought to life with exercises, based on realistic business scenarios.

Prior knowledge

To benefit from this course, a general understanding of SWIFT's products and services is expected. If you are new to SWIFT, then we recommend you to first follow the web class SWIFT in 90 minutes or complete the SWIFT eTraining package Basics — Your passport to SWIFT. For a deeper understanding of the underlying MX standards, we recommend you to complete the eTraining module ISO 20022 and MX message standards — overview.