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From BKE to RMA

Updated 30 June 2008
Learning channels:Classroom courseOn-site training

If you are responsible for setting up and maintaining correspondent relationships via Alliance Access/Entry (Bilateral Key Exchange - BKE), this course will help you to migrate smoothly to the new Relationship Management Application (RMA).


The session is targeted at all Alliance Access/Entry interface supervisors, security officers and system administrators.

Prior knowledge

We recommend that you first attend the course Operating Alliance Access and Entry.


The course duration depends on the learning channel you choose:

You will learn how to:

  • Migrate successfully towards RMA adhering to the migration timeline and principles
  • Build up your RMA records during the migration through a practical step-by-step guide
  • Implement RMA through practical and detailed scenarios

Course content

This one-day course covers the following topics:
  • Bilateral Key Exchange versus Relationship Management Application
  • The SWIFTNet Phase 2 migration timeline
  • Step by step migration based on the migration status parameter:
    • Migration status:
      • Recording of existing relationships (bilateral keys)
      • Migration status report
    • Finalisation status:
      • Bootstrapping functionality
      • Importing Authorisations
    • Finalised status
  • Impact on sending and receiving messages during and after the migration
  • Other impacts on Alliance Access/Entry
  • How to exchange Authorisation with your counterparties using RMA
    • Exchanging Authorisations to send/receive
    • Approve/Reject/Revoke/Delete
    • Importing/Exporting
    • Query and Answer
  • RMA Plus