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My SWIFT Training

Welcome to 'My SWIFT Training'. This page gathers the tools which will help you to facilitate the management of SWIFT Training within your organisation.

SWIFT Training history

Consult your institution's SWIFT Training history through swift.com! This functionality allows you to access the records of all staff within your institution who have attended SWIFT classroom training since 1997. You can perform several queries and save reports locally on your PC.

As this information is confidential, the access to the training history is restricted to training coordinators within an institution who have a swift.com user name and password. To access, you just have to register on swift.com as a 'Training Manager', and get approval from the swift.com Administrator within your institution.

Your SWIFT eTraining subscriptions and Activation keys

Whenever you subscribe to one or more SWIFT eTraining products and you select to be charged on your SWIFT account, your new subscription is added to this page. The tool also lists subscriptions ordered by your colleagues, which gives everyone in your organisation a full view on all eTraining topics licensed to your institution.

Additionally, for each active contract it displays the latest Activation key, that is required to activate the SWIFT eTraining software. Use this application as well to consult Activation keys to share with your colleagues. Each time one of your existing keys expires, the training software will automatically direct you to this location to retrieve a renewed key.

To access this application, you need a swift.com user name and password as this information is protected.