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Using SWIFT - Certification Programme

Formalise your SWIFT knowledge!

Are you looking for a formal proof of your or your staff's SWIFT knowledge? SWIFT Training's 'Using SWIFT - Certification Programme' has been designed to offer you this. Through a formal exam, you will receive the confirmation that you or your staff have successfully assimilated the information you/they have acquired during SWIFT Training courses or on-the-job experience. The 'Using SWIFT - Certification Programme' is role-based and focusses on the knowledge required by specific roles in an institution.

Choose your Using SWIFT - Certification Programme

You can currently choose from the following four certifications. For more information about the target audience, the topics that the certification covers and the recommended training path, click the title.

Why pursuing a 'Using SWIFT - Certification'?

  • It guarantees you/your staff have the required knowledge
  • It ensures that you have an in-house expert available at all times
  • It offers you a specialist reputation, in the eyes of your manager or your clients
  • It helps you increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • As a manager, it provides you with development opportunities for your staff
  • As an individual, it strengthens your contributions to your organisation

How do you obtain a 'Using SWIFT - Certification'? Follow our 3-step programme!

Step 1 - Choose your certificate

Based on your/your staff's current role or career aspirations, you first decide which Certification you want to obtain. You then assess whether you/your staff have the required knowledge to pass the exam.

Step 2 - Prepare for the exam

If you do not have the required knowledge, you can attend SWIFT training. For each certification, we have designed a recommended training path which will provide you with the necessary knowledge. If you already have the knowledge to pass the exam, you can immediately move on to Step 3.

Step 3 - Take the exam

Once you are confident that you have the necessary knowledge, you schedule your exam at one of the select test locations. After you have taken the exam, you will receive your test results from SWIFT Training by e-mail. Upon successful completion of the examination, you will also receive your certificate and your label.

On-site Certification

If you have a group of people who require training and certification on the same topic, you can choose to run the programme at your premises. That is what we call 'On-site Certification'. Contact your regional SWIFT Training office or complete the On-site request form and one of our training coordinators will contact you.

Practical information

The exam fee per person depends on the certification you choose and is paid to SWIFT upon registration to the 'Using SWIFT - Certification Programme'. The amount will be added to the monthly SWIFT invoice.

For practical information about registration, payment, the exam, and other topics, please read the FAQs on the 'Using SWIFT - Certification Programme'.

Download the 'Using SWIFT - Certification Programme' flyer in PDF format Using SWIFT - Certification Programme Guide Using SWIFT - Certification Programme Service Description