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Contact information

With ‘Restricted’ access, you can use the Case Manager, but you can only view your own cases (you reported them or you are the delegated contact).
With ‘Unrestricted’ access, you can use the Case Manager and view all cases in your hierarchy.
Both access options require approval from your swift.com administrator. You can find out who they are here.

Online support

Users who are registered on swift.com, and have the access right mentioned above, can receive 24 hours support through the Case Manager. With this tool you can easily report, update and monitor cases. Please use the Case Manager as the main communication channel with our regional support centres. If however your problem is urgent, then do not hesitate to contact us by phone.

Telephone support

Registered users with access to Support can also contact a regional support centre by telephone. Please have your support registration number, and if needed the reference of your case, ready before calling us. You will have to enter one of them for identification. This allows you to benefit from a faster and a more personalised support service. You can find your registration number in Manage your profile (if you have the required access).

Europe: +31 71 582 2822

Hong Kong: +852 2 852 8777

United States: +1 540 825 6056

SWIFT Customer Support Centre for CREST:
UK only: 0845 9645 648 (then choose option 2)
Outside UK: +44 20 7849 0199