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Secure Channel

What is Secure Channel?

Secure Channel is an online application for SWIFTNet security officers and Alliance security officers. It enables registered SWIFTNet security officers to:

  • Submit SWIFTNet offline interventions
  • Register new, or de-register obsolete SWIFTNet security officers
  • Update their own address details
  • Manage the PKI delegation and the authorisation setting
  • Recertify SWIFTNet security officer profiles

Secure Channel also allows registered Alliance security officers to view SWIFT interface software licence keys online.

How to get access to Secure Channel?

To get access to the Secure Channel application, follow the three steps below.

Step 1 - Registration

You must first be a registered user for the online services on www.swift.com. If you are not yet registered, click here. A swift.com administrator in your institution must approve your registration request before you can use the online services. By default, you will receive access to Support.

Step 2 - Profiles

Step 3 - Authentication

This section only applies to SWIFTNet security officers.  

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