SWIFT Le fournisseur mondial de services de messagerie financière sécurisés

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SWIFT proposes a certification program to validate your application against various dimensions, including messaging services, standards, business workflows, directories and interface connectivity.

Each SWIFT Certified label defines a set of criteria, which are reviewed every year to ensure that the software remains aligned with the financial market evolution and with customer needs.

These criteria are designed to reflect the capability of a vendor product to provide message processing automation in a SWIFT context, and to support Straight through Processing (STP) in order to increase customer value, limit customisation needs and cost, and reduce time to market.

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SWIFT Certified

Certify your application against the SWIFT Certified program
SWIFT Certified program
 Technical Validation window


Messaging services available to certify SWIFT Solutions
Simulation Testing and Qualification Service


SWIFT adaptors certification
AFT certification
MQHA certification