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Registration and Security guidelines for swift.com 

This page contains information and recommendations from SWIFT about the secure access to our website.

How to become a swift.com user?

How do I register on swift.com?

You can find detailed instructions about how to register in the swift.com Registration User Guide.

How are applications on swift.com protected?

Broadly speaking we can distinguish two types of Swift.com content: public content and applications.

The public content is accessible to everybody and includes information that SWIFT wants to distribute to a wide audience.

The applications are used to exchange information between SWIFT and a specific target audience that is authorised to access this information. These applications may contain information that should not be disclosed to unauthorised persons. The exchange of this information is protected by encryption of the data transport and by authentication of the individual who gets access to the applications.

Secure access to applications on swift.com

User-ID and password

Change your password periodically.

Additional one-time password for secure channel


2-step verification

2-step verification is a security measure that helps protect your account from unauthorised access if someone manages to obtain your password. An additional layer of security requires a verification code to be entered along with your username and password.

This code can be delivered to you by SMS, voice mail, or e-mail. SMS and voice mail are the preferred means of delivering the verification code. This is because your e-mail address is already linked to your swift.com account and an external means of providing the authentication code is favoured.

Please set up 2-step verification as soon as possible as at any time it can be made mandatory by swift, or by your administrator.

What can you do to protect yourself against phishing?

What is phishing?

Verify the URL of the pages you use.

Verify the certificate of the secure website.

Use a recent browser.

Use a login-seal to protect the login page on swift.com

What if you do NOT see the login-seal?

How do I recognise a phishing e-mail?