What’s Sibos?

Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event.

It's the only place where the financial industry really gets together

Sibos 2009 post-event survey


Once a year, Sibos brings together the financial industry to create opportunities for individuals, organisations and the community as a whole. It is a unique forum to meet, discuss, learn, to do business and keep in touch with what is going on in the industry.

Facilitated and organised by SWIFT, for the SWIFT community, it creates the stimulus for learning, collaborating, developing new business, defining future strategies and taking collective action that can shape the future of our industry.

One week, one place, one Sibos. Join us in Amsterdam from 25-29 October.

Sibos history

2009 Sibos takes place in Hong Kong. It is the event’s largest ever showing in Asia Pacific
2008 As SWIFT celebrates its 35th anniversary, Sibos is held in Vienna exactly 20 years after its first Vienna visit. There are over 8,000 participants
2007 The year Lázaro Campos becomes SWIFT’s new CEO, Sibos is held in Boston, for the second time since 1994
2006 Sibos is held in Sydney for the second time since 1997
2005 Sibos is held in Copenhagen for the third time
2004 Sibos takes place in Atlanta, the home of Coca-Cola. David Taggart, its Treasurer, takes part in a Sibos plenary that debates how banks should be better servicing their corporate clients. Heidi Miller of JPMorgan Chase delivers a memorable opening address challenging the industry to change
2003 The year SWIFT turns 30, Sibos visits Singapore
2002 In the year that the first FIN message is sent over SWIFT’s new IP-based network, SWIFTNet, Sibos is held in Geneva
2001 Sibos in Singapore is cancelled following the 11 September attacks
2000 Sibos is held in the US West Coast’s financial centre: San Francisco
1999 SWIFT starts the year with euro changeover and ends it ready for Y2K. In between it launches Bolero, wins the GSTPA bid and hosts Sibos in Munich.
1998 Sibos goes to Helsinki
1997 SWIFT’s Sydney office opens and Sibos is held in...Sydney
1996 Sibos comes to Florence
1995 Sibos takes place in Copenhagen
1994 Sibos is held in the US investment management capital: Boston
1993 Sibos is held in Geneva, its second visit to Switzerland since 1983
1992 Sibos takes place in Brussels, home of SWIFT’s HQ, for the second time since 1978
1991 The first Sibos in Asia Pacific is held in Hong Kong
1990 Sibos visits Berlin the year after its famous wall is demolished
1989 Sibos arrives in Stockholm
1988 Sibos is held in Vienna
1987 The year SWIFT goes into securities and the first BIC directory is issued, Sibos is held in Montreal
1986 Sibos takes over the South of France: Nice
1985 Sibos goes to Brighton
1984 Sibos takes place in Barcelona
1983 The National Bank of Belgium becomes SWIFT’s one thousandth member in the year Sibos is held in Montreux
1982 The fifth Sibos is held outside Europe for the first time, in Washington, D.C., USA
1981 Sibos is held in Düsseldorf
1980 Sibos is held in Copenhagen the year the first Asian countries connect to SWIFT and Hong Kong and Singapore start live operations
1979 The year SWIFT opens its first North American operating centre, Sibos is held in Amsterdam
1978 Five years after SWIFT is born and a year after the first SWIFT message is sent, the first Sibos is held in Brussels. 300 people take part

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  25 - 29 October 2010
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