SWIFT The global provider of secure financial
messaging services

SWIFT engages in partnerships with providers of quality services and applications for the financial community. SWIFT certifies business applications, specialists and interfaces for compliance with SWIFT requirements and standards, and registers service bureaux through our Shared Infrastructure Programme. We also engage with a select group of SWIFT Business Partners on a strategic basis in specific regions and market segments.

Our Partner Programme helps our customers to make well-informed purchasing and implementation decisions. It enables providers to differentiate their offering in a crowded marketplace, and enhances our global market coverage and customer service.

Interested in partnership?

The first step in building a relationship with SWIFT is registration. The SWIFT Partner Programme uses strict criteria that are SWIFT-specific and are reviewed on a yearly basis. Several partnership levels are possible, depending on your business area and qualifications.
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SWIFT Business Partners

SWIFT Business Partners are an extension of SWIFT, providing tailored, expert commercial support to specific customer groups in key markets. They benefit from the highest level of engagement with SWIFT based on their local market presence and expertise, as well as their established relationship with the financial industry.
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SWIFT Certified programme

The SWIFT Certified programme provides accreditation to third-party companies that offer SWIFT-related services and solutions to end-customers. The programme covers the following categories:

The SWIFT Certified programme replaces the previous SWIFTReady labels.