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SWIFT Certified and SWIFT Business Partner locator

Looking for a SWIFT-compliant financial application? Need a service provider to help with your SWIFT implementation and integration project?

The SWIFT Partner Programme helps SWIFT users make informed choices in all of these areas. The programme covers two broad categories: SWIFT Business Partners and the SWIFT Certification programme.

SWIFT Business Partners

SWIFT Business Partners promote, sell and provide support for SWIFT products and services, as well as their own complementary offering. Selected for their geographic presence, specific market expertise, and their relationships with the financial industry, they benefit from the highest level of engagement with SWIFT.
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SWIFT Certified programme

The SWIFT Certified programme provides accreditation to companies that provide various SWIFT-related services and solutions to end-customers. SWIFT checks compliance with the relevant quality criteria and standards, and awards SWIFT Certified labels for qualifying applications and specialists.

The SWIFT Certified programme replaces the previous SWIFTReady labels.
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