SWIFT The global provider of secure financial
messaging services

Hardware security module

Securely store the SWIFTNet PKI certificates used to sign your SWIFT traffic


HSM tokens and HSM cards

The HSM token is a hardware token that is inserted in the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of the PC hosting the SWIFTNet Link.
The HSM card is an Integrated Circuit Card that is inserted in a card reader, which itself is connected to the PC hosting the SWIFTNet Link through a USB port.

Key benefits

  • Ease of use
    To start using your HSM, you just need to plug the HSM token or the HSM card reader in the USB port of your SWIFTNet Link and to insert the HSM card in the reader.
  • Portability
    HSM tokens and cards can be easily removed from the PC hosting the SWIFTNet Link when not needed. Additionally, they can be moved onto another SWIFTNet Link host in full security as accessing the certificate requires providing its password.

HSM boxes

The HSM box is a hardware box that the SWIFTNet Links access over the local area network (LAN).

Key benefits

  • Network-sharable
    HSM boxes are accessible over the local area network and can be shared between multiple SWIFTNet Links. Each certificate is stored in a different partition that has its own access control protection.
  • Scalability
    HSM boxes allow storing hundreds of certificates and support low to high throughput.
  • Resilience
    HSM boxes can be configured in a high-availability cluster that minimises downtime and preserve certificates in case of failure. The boxes own the same certificates and handle the traffic in parallel.