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Funds Migration Information Paper 2013

The deadline for ISO 20022 migration is November 2015, and, adoption is now accelerating: 52% of the global funds traffic is now fully migrated to MX and over 72% of the traffic is being sent by institutions that are technically ready  with MX. This mandatory programme approach, which has been decided by the Community, for the Community, requires that everyone must be ready to use the new messages by November 2015.

Our brandnew Information Paper 2013 is the ideal starting point to view migration flows at a glance and find out how SWIFT can help  you reach your destination by 2015.

Discover the Information Paper here.

Funds Maintenance Update

SWIFT has an annual standards maintenance release to maintain existing standards, to bring them in line with business changes. The SWIFT Funds Solution in consultation with its customers, implemented a maintenance freeze on the MX funds order messages (setr) to provide stability during the Funds Migration period.  The maintenance on the other funds messages within the Funds Solution has continued during this period. For more information about maintenance of Funds Solution messages see the document MX Funds Solution Maintenance Information.

2013 - MX releases to the Funds Solution
- Release 4.5: the account management (acmt), price report (reda) and transfers messages (sese) have undergone maintenance.

The new message versions of both releases to the Funds Solution will be available for live use on 17 November 2013 and documentation is available in the User Handbook.

2014 - High-level information already available
- Release 4.7:  a high-level overview of the MX maintenance planned for 2014 is published on swift.com. It lists the change requests that will be implemented in the 2014 maintenance cycle. New versions of the schemas and full documentation, as advance documentation, will be available in January 2014.

Please note that the FIN Funds templates (i.e. MT 502, MT 509 and MT 515 with the Funds codes words) will not be impacted by any Standards Release.

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