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FIN Renewal

Continuous improvement in action


FIN Renewal is a flagship investment in SWIFT’s core platform.

Over past decades, the financial industry has depended on FIN as a robust global messaging service, and FIN traffic has grown exponentially. The FIN application, and its underlying technology platform, has catered for this substantial growth in traffic, whilst simultaneously maintaining high-levels of security and reliability.
The key to this sustained performance has been a well-designed, well-built FIN application, operating on a robust technology platform. The application and platform have stood the test of time, enabling SWIFT to adapt successfully to evolving business and operational conditions.

Nevertheless, in order to address long term technology needs, it is the right time to proactively modernise the FIN application and its underlying technology platform. FIN Renewal will significantly reduce ongoing operating costs, and deliver strategically important enhancements to FIN messaging services.