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In today’s world, keeping up is not enough. Competition, cost pressures, demands for greater efficiency and higher performance, and evolving regulations trigger new projects that require analysis, design and implementation. To stay on top of your game, you need expert advice from trusted partners who understand your needs and can design and implement the best solution for your business.

At times like these, it’s comforting to know tfhat SWIFT Consulting Services can help. Our consultants have delivered over 500 technical and business projects for nearly 400 clients in more than 75 countries. Every day they help companies like yours reduce costs and risk and enable business growth and regulatory compliance.

Our Consulting Services portfolio has an answer to a wide range of business challenges.

Standards Release Impact Assessment

Every year, SWIFT deploys a new Standards Release in its FIN messaging. This means  changes (new, deleted and/or updated message) in the way you run your business.

This can have an impact at many different levels, from the interface that you are using to connect to SWIFT, to your back-office applications, up to your business flows and processes.

Do you have a clear view on the impact of the new Standards Release on your business? Do you know the business areas on which you should mainly focus? Do you have a roadmap and project plan? Are you aware of the business benefits of the change requests? Are you confident that you will be ready on time? Do you have enough bandwidth to do the impact assessment?

SWIFT Services has developed a unique offering to help you assess the impact of the new Standards Release on your business: For more information on this package, contact your SWIFT Account Manager.

Providing Turnkey implementation and Peace of Mind for your connection to Alliance Lite2

SWIFT Consulting Services team makes it easy to get connected and to start using SWIFT with Alliance Lite2. Our Turnkey setup is providing assistance at all project stages. Our experts assist you with the design of a solution tailored to your needs, taking your requirements into account in terms of routing and users. Once the design is completed, SWIFT is helping with the implementation, customisation and testing of the interface to make sure all is working as expected. And we do not stop there. When using Alliance Lite2 in Live, you can benefit from our Peace of Mind operational services. A low annual fee saves you time and provides for more configuration changes, remote access by our Alliance Lite2 experts and handheld support for operational tasks. Read more about the successful Alliance Lite2 implementation at Bremer Bank.

Supporting your migration to the new CLS platform

CLS announced that it is replacing the current Member Gateway with a standards based solution to address several issues and bring significant value to its members. This Member Gateway replacement project will lead to a phased Member migration. As the first test window will start in April 2014, it is essential for CLS members to move forward with their migration project as soon as possible.

Help for your migration, is at hand with SWIFT. Our Services team gives you direct access to experts who can advise, design and build a solution that addresses your business needs, technical requirements and timeline constraints.
Read more about our CLS migration services offering.

Standards expertise, tailored to your needs

Standards and their surrounding processes which have always supported increasing levels of automation are changing: from BIC to LEI, from ISO 15022 MTs to ISO 20022 MX, from Excel or paper documentation to Market Practices published in MyStandards. The prospect of understanding, capturing the benefits and implementing those changes can be daunting, but fortunately SWIFT can help regardless whether you are a player in correspondent banking, trade, treasury, funds or securities.

SWIFfT's experts bring their unique experience in developing usage guidelines, in line with agreed market practice. Using our MyStandards and MyStandards Testing Portal products, we can help you with ownership, maintenance, governance and publication as well as with design and comprehension of every level of detail in your Standards repository.

Read more about our Standards Consulting Services offering.

Special reports – Trends in Operational Risk and Cost Control

The financial industry faces a growing range of challenges which are putting pressure on operational efficiency, cost control and even on business models. SWIFT has looked at those challenges and suggests ways to address them in different reports articulated around 6 industry topics: sanctions, liquidity management, business relationships, data mining, disaster recovery and cyber crime.

Have a look at those reports, and discover why SWIFT is an ideal partner to help institutions navigate these issues. You will read how we provide expert knowledge through our wide range of consulting services, including benchmarking, operations and technical advisory services.

Integration solutions

Integration projects require in-depth technical knowledge of many subjects. By outsourcing all or part of your SWIFT integration projects you can free up those resources to perform value-added tasks to help grow your business. And, depending on your requirements you might be able to benefit from a powerful new integration tool: the Alliance Access Integration Platform.

Recently Lloyds Bank US went live with a solution developed by our Integration Services experts, based on Alliance Access Integration Platform.

Lloyds Bank US had initiated a project related to their sanction screening infrastructure to first rationalise sanction screening implementation across environment and secondly to de-couple the sanction screening infrastructure from the messaging infrastructure.

SWIFT Integration Services experts engaged with Lloyds Bank US to review their current infrastructure, and clarify their requirements. SWIFT proposed a solution based on Alliance Access Integration Platform, to replace the existing ADK component, and communicating with the sanctions filter over MQ. SWIFT developed and implemented the solution. The main benefit for Lloyds Bank US was the short implementation lifecycle. See more.

Operational Excellence for Market Infrastructures

Because SWIFT is recognised as a company ensuring continued operational excellence, security and resilience and providing 99.999% network availability, SWIFT has developed three new Consulting Services to address specific Operational Excellence related needs: Operational Risk Management, Operational Efficiency, Communication Procedures and Standards.

We understand and recognise that these topics have become bigger priority for Market Infrastructures, due to the 24 CPSS-IOSCO principles for Financial Market Infrastructures.

Additionally, because SWIFT has conducted its self-assessment against the 5 criteria for Critical Service Providers (CSPs), SWIFT can share its experience with the Market Infrastructures and give recommendations on how a Market Infrastructure could assess their own Critical Service Providers.

Contact your local SWIFT office for more information.

Corporates onboarding

Recently SWIFT has assisted a major European corporate with its SWIFT implementation and on-boarding activities. SWIFT worked with the corporate customer to better understand their business and specific activities that need to be performed with each of the cash management banks that they want to implement a SWIFT-based messaging with.  SWIFT consulting services experts supported the corporate project manager to meet his challenging timeline.

Thanks to SWIFT Consulting Services team experts, the corporate customer confirmed that they have observed a significant cost reduction in the project, while increasing the value of their SWIFT membership.

Additional services that SWIFT can provide to corporates include technical assistance to design the infrastructure as well as integration services.

For more information, see:

Operating your infrastructure

Running your business is a day-to-day challenge, regardless of your outsourcing strategy. Whether you run your own infrastructure on-premises with a technical operations team managing it or you've opted for a shared infrastructure in the cloud, SWIFT has developed a wide range of technical services to further ease your operations, reduce operational risk and increase efficiency.

Our portfolio of services include amongst other things installation or change assistance, turnkey implementation, integration services, TCO analysis, recurring sanity-checks and technical audits.

For more information, see:

Fast, high-quality results

Of course, to truly understand the benefits of Consulting Services, you should talk to people who know them best: our customers.

“The SWIFT approach was very professional, well-structured and transparent. As a neutral third party, the SWIFT team have been agents for positive change and have facilitated better communication and cooperation between our Payments and IT teams. They pushed us to meet our deadline for completing the project – which we did.”
Niklas Lemberg, Head of Payments, Aktia Bank

“I was very pleased with the results from the assignment conducted by SWIFT Consulting Services. In a very short timeframe, they went great lengths to provide value to our company.”
Fabrice Denelle, Head of Payments, BPCE

"SWIFT Consulting Services performed a review of – and created documentation for – our new product process, which helped us to identify operational issues and to improve our process. We very much appreciated the professionalism and experience of the SWIFT team to address those issues."
Hans Jörg Schüttler, CEO, IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG

In addition, SWIFT Consulting Services has:

  • helped one customer identify potential savings of nearly 4 million euros by consolidating SWIFT infrastructures
  • replaced legacy platforms for another customer to deliver projected savings of 5 million dollars over 5 years
  • reduced base costs by 50% for another customer by consolidating SWIFT infrastructures

To understand more about the potential for your operations, contact your local SWIFT office.


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