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In addition to Support, customers implementing CCI over SWIFTNet will obtain project support. This service is available as of the registration of a testing slot for the Single Platform connectivity testing. This project support includes guidance through the different steps leading up to connectivity testing planned with Euroclear.

This project support includes:

Implementation project follow-up via email and calling campaigns taking into account your status and planning agreed with Euroclear;

Proactive notification of new CCI specific topics, covered in SWIFT’s Knowledge Base.

If you are a high volume user and/or have a complex configuration, an assigned SWIFT CCI implementation manager will also provide the following services during your implementation project:

  • Status reporting covering all BICs in scope of your CCI Implementation project
  • Regular status meetings via conference call (in function of your needs)
  • Handling of ad hoc questions regarding your CCI implementation project

Note: For current SWIFT Euroclear UK and Ireland customers the installation of the mandatory WHSA component and Euroclear’s Screenflow is part of the service package.

SWIFT ScreenFlow Implementation Service

If internal expertise or resources are not available for your ScreenFlow deployment, you can rely on the expertise of SWIFT and request the SWIFT ScreenFlow implementation service. It offers you an installation and configuration service for your WSHA product and Euroclear ScreenFlow application.

This service is delivered by SWIFT’s own technical experts or an accredited SWIFT Service Partner, under the direct responsibility of SWIFT. This ensures a smooth and efficient implementation. For detailed information please have a look at below mentioned CCI implementation Service for ScreenFlow document or contact your Customer Support Centre.


SWIFT’s CCI service will be available according to Euroclear's own programme timeline. For the exact dates of this migration, please contact Euroclear.

Euroclear aims to deliver Single Platform Custody as of Q1 2010, onto which corporate action processing for all Euroclear clients is to migrate, starting with Euroclear Bank and, in a second step, Euroclear UK & Ireland and ESES-zone together.

Details of the rollout and testing of CCI and SP Custody can be found on Euroclear's website.

Technical requirements

The picture below shows the interfaces required for your CCI communications.

  • STP message-by-message communications requires an interface capable of handling both MT (ISO 15022) and MX (ISO 20022) messages such as Alliance Access.
  • STP File Transfer communications requires a file transfer application connected to your Alliance Gateway. This could be FTA, your FIN interface (check with your FIN interface vendor), or another product.
  • Manual communications via the CCI screen (GUI) will be provided by Euroclear. To communicate via SWIFT, you will need to install a new component on your Alliance Gateway, the WSHA (Web Services Host Adapter).