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Standards MT Maintenance Release 2012

Schedule for Standards MT Release 2012

This timeline gives a full development and implementation schedule for the FIN standards for 2012.

The first publication for the Standards MT Release 2012 is the High-Level Information document. It contains changes that are requested by the SWIFT community but these requests must still be validated by working groups. The working groups may modify or even reject some of the requests. The document is provided as a guide for implementers who are preparing resource and budget allocations for 2012.


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18 July 2011


High-Level Information on Standards MT Release 2012
Summary of (not yet approved) change requests received for SR 2012
For resource and budget allocation purposes only 

17 November 2011

Updated High-Level Information on MT Standards Release 2012
Summary of approved change requests received for SR 2012

Advance information on the new MT 370  is available

16 December 2011

Standards MT Release Guide 2012
Message Format Validation Rules 2012
Describes the changes to Standards messages effective as of 17 November 2012

Advance information to the updated MT074

24 February 2012

Update to Standards MT Release Guide 2012
Update to Message Format Validation Rules 2012
Tentative planning for updates to documents published on 16 December 2011

28 April 2012

Vendor Test System

27 July 2012

Standards User Handbook
Online publication of the Standards user handbook for Standards MT Release 2012. If necessary, updates to Message Format Validation Rules 2012

28 July 2012

Test & Training System

17 November 2012

Standards Release 2012 Live

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