SWIFT The global provider of secure financial
messaging services

Financial institution payments and cash management

SWIFT offers a range of standards to initiate, and to clear and settle financial institution payments. A related set of standards is available to handle exceptions and investigations for these payments, as well as standards that provide account related information exchanged between an account owner and an account servicer.


In the MT portfolio for financial institutions, the MT 202 is the de facto standard used to cover customer credit transfers, and to settle payments resulting from other business transactions such as securities and treasury transactions. Other Category 2 MTs are available for cheque truncation, financial market debits and requests for transfers.

Common Group MTs can be used to handle queries, replies, rejects, returns and requests for cancellations.

A set of Category 9 Cash Management MTs can be used by financial institutions to provide information on financial institution accounts for cash management and reconciliation purposes.


ISO 20022 messages are available to execute financial institution credit transfers. Related messages are available to communicate about status, returns, reversals and requests for cancellations of the financial institution credit transfers.

ISO 20022 exceptions and investigations messages allow parties involved in the payment to initiate queries and track replies related to the investigations.

An interactive set of MX messages for interbank account information and cash management is available.