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Alliance Remote Gateway

Cloud-based gateway to the SWIFT network

Alliance Remote Gateway is a new cloud service that lets you connect Alliance Access or Alliance Entry directly to the SWIFT network without needing to operate your own Alliance Gateway, SWIFTNet Link or Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Letting SWIFT manage these technical components enables you to focus on your core business and reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) for messaging-related activities.

A subscription-based service, Alliance Remote Gateway supports all Alliance Access and Alliance Entry flows, and all FIN and InterAct messages and FileAct files.

Who is it for?

Alliance Remote Gateway is intended for customers with up to five BIC-8 destinations, up to 20 Browse users, and volumes up to Alliance Gateway Band 4. It supports all Alliance Access and Alliance Entry adaptors, but does not support integration of third-party software with Alliance Gateway adaptors.

Alliance Remote Gateway is particularly interesting for Alliance Access and Entry customers that use Alliance Gateway together with Low or Medium-volume HSM boxes.

SWIFT is conducting a campaign to replace existing HSM boxes as they reach end of life. If you have Low or Medium volume HSM boxes, Alliance Remote Gateway provides a great opportunity to replace them with a simpler, lower-TCO alternative.

  • Alliance Remote Gateway is suitable for connecting customers who send and receive up to 20,000 messages per day with standard throughput expectations.

Please note that when moving to ARG, customers will lose some of the resilience capabilities currently provided by their on-premises Alliance Gateway. ARG is not compatible with some products and services such as Accord, please contact to your local relationship manager to discuss whether it is appropriate for your needs.

Under the ARG model, PKI certificates are hosted at the SWIFT Operating Centre (OPC) and not on customers’ premises; customers should verify that this is compatible with their institutional policies.


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