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Alliance Lite2

The easiest way to use SWIFT

Alliance Lite2 provides a cloud-based connection to the SWIFT network and related applications and services. Easy to use and cost-effective, it lets you exchange all SWIFT messages and file types and use secure Browse services from SWIFT and market infrastructures.

Using SWIFT for financial communications enables you to reach thousands of financial institutions worldwide. With standardised messaging for payments, account statements, trade, foreign exchange, securities, investment funds and more, Alliance Lite2 helps you combine multiple streams into a single channel - increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

As a cloud service, Alliance Lite2 requires limited upfront investment and minimal equipment at your premises. The Alliance Lite2 infrastructure is implimented within one SWIFT operating centre (OPC). It supports the message and file volume needs of lower volume SWIFT customers.

Is Alliance Lite2 right for you?

Alliance Lite2 meets the needs of lower volume SWIFT customers, including banks, corporates, investment and funds managers, broker/dealers, and more. It is a good choice if one or more of the following apply:

  • You want to connect to SWIFT with little upfront investment
  • You need to minimise operational costs and overhead
  • You prefer to connect directly to SWIFT without using a third party
  • You do not want to maintain SWIFT infrastructure at your site 

If you are not yet a SWIFT customer, you will need to join SWIFT to start using Alliance Lite2.

  • Alliance Lite2 is suitable for connecting customers who send and receive up to 10,000 messages per day with standard throughput expectations
  • Alliance Lite2 is customisable by SWIFT to offer simple configurations in terms of user profiles and message flows

Alliance Lifeline

For SWIFT customers that need additional resiliency options, Alliance Lite2 may be appropriate as a fall-back connection. This service is called Alliance Lifeline. For more information, visit our website or contact your SWIFT Account Manager.


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