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BICPlusIBAN Directory

Cross-referencing national and international financial institution identifiers


The BICPlusIBAN Directory contains the full list of the ISO9362 Bank Identifier Codes (BICs) with the national bank/branch identifiers. It also provides IBAN related information such as the national bank/branch codes used in IBANs and the corresponding BICs that the account holding banks issue to their customers together with the IBANs.
The BICPlusIBAN directory is indispensable for submitting international payments into local clearing and settlement, and in SEPA for validation and completing the mandatory IBAN and BIC information.

The BICPlusIBAN Directory contains:

  • the name and address of the financial institutions and their BICs
  • the institutions’ participation in national and international payment services reachable through FIN, and their SWIFT user category
  • the institutions’ national bank/branch codes (sort or clearing codes) cross-referenced with the BICs
  • the institutions’ national bank/branch codes in the format used in IBANs, cross-referenced with the BICs that the account holding institutions issue to their clients when opening and IBAN account

Financial institutions and corporates use the BICPlusIBAN Directory to:

  • Validate the BIC in a payment or in a customer information file
  • Look-up the BIC and its details for an institution’s name and address
  • Translate the beneficiary’s BIC into its national clearing/sort code
  • Look-up the BIC corresponding to an IBAN via the included bank/branch code
  • Look-up the connected (SWIFT) BIC for not-connected (non-SWIFT) BICs


  • The complete list of BIC codes
  • The complete list of national bank/branch codes
  • Indispensable for achieving a high STP in SEPA
  • Available online and as file feeds

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