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Joining SWIFT opens up a world of opportunities. SWIFT membership means you can connect to the secure SWIFT network and exchange financial information with other users, including banks, other financial institutions and corporations. Over 10,000 SWIFT customers in more than 200 countries use our network to exchange millions of standardised financial messages securely and reliably each day.

SWIFT enables its customers to automate and standardise financial transactions, thus lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating inefficiencies in their operations. We also provide a range of products and services that can help you create new business opportunities and revenue streams.

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SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative with a two-fold role. We provide the proprietary communications platform, products and services that allow our customers to connect and exchange financial information. We also act as a catalyst for positive change by bringing the financial community together to develop collaborative solutions that include shaping market practice, defining standards and addressing other issues of mutual interest.

Founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1973, SWIFT has its headquarters in Belgium and has offices in the world's major financial centres and developing markets.

SWIFT does not hold funds nor manages accounts on behalf of its customers.

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