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Inspiring innovation at TEDxBrussels

SWIFT’s Innotribe is proud to sponsor TEDxBrussels

Published on 12 Nov 2012

SWIFT’s Innotribe is proud to sponsor TEDxBrussels, Europe’s largest independent TED event, which takes place today. The event focuses on Bits, Atoms, Neurons, and Genes, gathering together an energizing and inspiring list of global speakers and thought leaders.

Innovation is a core value at SWIFT, and through Innotribe, SWIFT generates and inspires new ideas to support the global financial community, based on a spirit of open innovation - drawing on ideas from many different industries and sectors.

To take this year’s TEDxBrussels experience to the next level, Innotribe is sponsoring a ‘Disruptive Financial Remix’ competition, to allow those who are inspired by what they hear at TEDxBrussels, to generate new ideas that could be applied to the world of finance.