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2014 calendar
Webinar topic Description Speakers Date and time (GMT/UTC)
Minimize payment exceptions and maximize your Straight-Through-Processing

Do you want to minimize payment failures and maximize efficiency while resting assured you’re regulatory compliant? Discover how SWIFTRef provides the worldwide community of financial institutions and corporates with a unique centralized platform of payments reference data such as BICs, LEIs, national bank/sort codes, IBAN validation tools, Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs), bank holidays and more.

SWIFT cordially invites you to join a free Webinar which will cover the following topics:

  • Is this IBAN valid?
  • Is this BIC still active?
  • How can I get the outdated SSIs in my internal counterparty database updated?
  • Which BIC relates to the national bank code specified on this payment instruction?
  • Through which SEPA ACH(es) can this beneficiary bank be reached?
  • Who’s the USD-correspondent of my FX counterparty?

Join this webinar to discover SWIFT’s unique reference data portfolio SWIFTRef and how it can help your company achieve STP payments.

Joanna Beer, SWIFT
Stacy Rosenthal, SWIFT
18 September 2014 - 14:00 EDT
An efficient and effective route to sanctions regulation compliance

Regulation in the area of Financial Crime prevention AML/CFT has never been so demanding. As a result, compliance-related costs are increasing and requiring more internal resources. At the same time technology, automation of services and expertise has evolved in such a way that banks can leverage the latest compliance tools to realise significant efficiency gains.

Join a free SWIFT webinar featuring insights from Sarah K. Runge, Director, Office of Strategic Policy, Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes, United States Department of the Treasury.

The discussion will focus on :

  • The current AML landscape affecting global financial institutions
  • Meeting the challenge to comply with due diligence requirements
  • The benefits of working together on industry-wide solutions in a landscape where collaborative approaches are gaining momentum
  • How over 200 banks worldwide have significantly increased efficiency by implementing the SWIFT solution for transaction screening
Sarah K. Runge, Director, Office of Strategic Policy, Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes, United States Department of the Treasury
Chris Johnson, SWIFT
16 September 2014 - 12:00 EDT

Welcome to SWIFT: Optimize your cash & treasury

Under current economic conditions, all parts of the company must contribute to efficiency gains.
At the same time, cost of money has forced them to improve global cash visibility to better manage it.
Rationalising bank channels, centralising payment and collection, achieving greater automation through standardisation becomes a necessity.
Connecting to SWIFT is easy and cost-effective!
During this Webinar we will cover the range of cloud-based and on-premises SWIFT connectivity products and services to help you find the right solution for your needs
SWIFT Interfaces Team 14:00 CET
Tuesday 23 Sept 11:00 CET
Thursday 25 Sept 9:00 CET
How to improve your Resiliency: What if you cannot connect to the SWIFT Network anymore? As a SWIFT user, you understand how important your connection is to your operations.
But what if an emergency disrupts your access to the SWIFT network?
Alliance Lifeline is a cost-effective service that enables you to keep on using SWIFT if your standard connection becomes unavailable.
Fast and easy to activate, it lets you exchange messages and use SWIFT services until your SWIFT connection becomes operational again.
During this webinar, we will also explain how the Alliance Access Database Recovery tool protects you against losing messages, and how to increase the resiliency of your SWIFT infrastructure with RAHA on Alliance Gateway
SWIFT Interfaces Team Monday 22 Sept 16:00 CET
Tuesday 23 Sept 10:00 CET
Thursday 25 Sept 14:00 CET
3 ways to easily integrate your systems  Find out how the SWIFT Integration Services team can ease your organization's integration requirements around SWIFT MT & ISO20022 based solutions such as Worker Remittances and SWIFTNet Funds, as well as supporting corporate flows, FileAct services, and MT/MX coexistence using SWIFT Integration products.  SWIFT Interfaces Team Monday 22 Sept 10:00 CET
Tuesday 23 Sept 14:00 CET
Thursday 25 Sept 11:00 CET  
Safe in the Cloud: SWIFT Interfaces & services  Cloud services continue to drive big changes in the markets, while providing a foundation for the age of the customer innovations.
In this 20 minutes webinar, discover the highly secure and reliable SWIFT cloud interfaces and services, that will allow you to exchange all SWIFT messages and file types and use secure Browse services from SWIFT and market infrastructures. Messaging, Integration, Secure connection , Resiliency and much more : learn more about Alliance Lite2 & Alliance Converter, Alliance Remote Gateway, Alliance Lifeline !
In the Cloud, connecting to SWIFT has never been this easy and cost-effective! 
SWIFT Interfaces Team Monday 22 Sept 15:00 CET
Tuesday 23 Sept 10:00 CET
Thursday 25 Sept 15:00 CET 
Euroclear Easyway: Easyway over SWIFTNet Browse  We're keen to present you SWIFT's solution to connect to EasyWay (Euroclear).
Join this webinar to find out how easy it is to re-use your existing SWIFT infrastructure, security and knowledge, to connect to Euroclear's Easyway application.
SWIFT Interfaces Team Monday 22 Sept 9:00 CET
Tuesday 23 Sept 15:00 CET 
MyStandards & Readiness Portal  Join this free 45 minute webinar and learn more about MyStandards and the recently released Readiness Portal can help you tackle all your standards-related issues. If you want to simplify the Standards Release analysis and implementation, roll-out large scale industry initiatives like SEPA or T2S or simplify your customer onboarding, don’t miss this session.  My Standards Team Monday 22 Sept 11:00 CET  
FileAct on Alliance Access  Join us to discover how easy it is to implement FileAct on Alliance Access ! In 20 minutes, learn how you can automate your FileAct flows in a fast and cost effective way.
The Alliance messaging interfaces Entry and Access allow you to implement FileAct solutions ready for the future.  
SWIFT Interfaces Team Monday 22 Sept 13:00 CET
Tuesday 23 Sept 16:00 CET
Thursday 25 Sept 10:00 CET